Bonus Day? Why, Yes, I’ll Write or Stab My Eyes, It’s Been Awhile!

Upon arising from another night of weird sleep and strange dreams, courtesy of spicy food and a combination of Law & Order and Supernatural before bedtime, I stumbled into the day unrested. I discovered it was the 29th, this though rising to the surface through a hodgepodge of random thoughts. Though it’s Wednesday, I’m already feeling like I’ve had three Mondays in a row. This happens when I deviate from my routine for more than a weekend. Today, however, I decided to set aside some of the glaring to-do’s glaring at me (as they are wont to do) and use this day to do something equally important and work on rounding out the creatures for WSAMO. We don’t quite have the hundred in there and I’m fairly certain I said there would be a hundred some time back, and we’re all set on having a hundred in there, so I brainstormed a list of some weird creatures for Agents of Oblivion and worked on those for a bit and sent them on to Ed to check out. Some, like Bloody Mary, have been inspired by watching the shows I listed above. I ensure you they’ll be breaking new ground for Savage Worlds and will certainly expand out the AoO-verse, as you can see some of the creepy-crawlies we like to throw at our crews.

I should add, writing is a skill like any other, but when I’m away from it for a bit, I tend to get nervous like some hedge-wizard not wanting to lose his Mojo. I’m happy to report, I neither maimed myself with words, nor caused any permanent distress to those within mumbling distress (which, as is usual, no one, other than myself, but I would like to clear the air. I don’t talk to myself when I’m composing words. At least, not aloud. I cogitate about what must be done, maybe hum a tune, and sacrifice a goat or two, but that’s all normal. Right?

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!


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