By Hook or By Crook: Closing in on the Last Few Elder Mysteries

It seems I’ve had work get in the way of work. This is something a small design house has to contend with. While I love working on larger projects, necessity and demand dictated development of some of our established releases. And I do love working on those things too. That’s where the difficulty sometimes lies. Only so many hours in the day and lots of various lines to attend. As I continue to take this journey that is the writing life, I learn one’s choice are not always as free as they might seem and self-employment is one of the finest oxymora of all. I’m certain there is a suitable allusion or delusion hidden in there somewhere were one to be diligent enough to plumb the depths of my words.

Fatigue and nausea have been a constant companion as I return to work. Interestingly, those symptoms evaporate as a focus on the work. (And, I’m happy to report, my focus today was far better than what I had yesterday which confined me to more analytical and, largely, less interesting aspects of my profession.) I created and the feelings of my body became little more than dull white noise and a nice counterpoint as I pushed forward on the Elder Mysteries for Echo of Dead Leaves. I’m happy to report I have only two remaining and am optimistic I’ll be able to get those completed by week’s end without any dire consequences or negative impact on my present physicality.

The forced break did invigorate these last few tales. I was getting a bit mentally fatigued as I approached them. Now, ironically, my mind is lively and active in radical contrast to my body which wants nothing more than to curl up and sleep. It’s the constant struggle against entropy so nicely found in Lovecraft’s works. I just happen to be the actual battlefield at this particular moment. I’ll step outside myself and quietly observe. It’s grist for the mill and allows me to far more easily write what I know. Accumulate experiences. You’ll never know when you’ll need them.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!



1 Note on “By Hook or By Crook: Closing in on the Last Few Elder Mysteries”

  1. Ah, nothing like a bit of exhaustion and nausea to serve as fine inspiration for a nice Mythos yarn, eh?

    Yes, those tiny cthonic microbes, lodged deep in the body, deliver a host of fine sensations that echo the impersonal badness – the essence of cosmic misery. Buddha had something or other to say about this, but I refuse to get philosophically deep at this particular moment…

    May your infestation depart forthwith.

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