Chaos and Tranquility: Ending the Year on a Wha-?

Hello All!

This year has had highs and lows, ups and downs, chaos and tranquility. Though I have attempted many times to right the social ship of regular updates on these pages, we consciously decided to stay rather quiet until the website was redesigned.  And the forums updated. And things like that. However, even that was beset with some issues…

I’m happy to report  we’ve got some solid momentum on that front. We’re exceedingly happy with whom we’ve contracted the work to and can’t wait to unleash the shiny new site next year.  Until it launches, we cannot let things sit idle as we enter 2015, now can we?  We have things to talk about, ideas to consider, rules to design, and worlds to build.

While we were largely quiet on the social front, I have had my head down working on things and managing personal aspects of my life. To that end, you’ll still likely find me meandering around the playgrounds of my mind on here, but I won’t just be talking about publishing and all the stuff swirling around that. I’ll be discussing some of my other passions, whatever those may be at any given time, so you’ll likely get my thoughts about video games, movies, random bits of trivia I encounter on any given day. Yes, it’ll be a touch like gazing into a (sanitized?) version of my mind. It’s time to shake off the old stuff, modalities, and all that jazz.

I don’t want to speculate and over promise. Nor do I want to compromise or confine myself into any sort of box. I defy categorization! (I  know this  puts me in the “don’t categorize me” category.)  I can say this: I want to share the passions I have — those things I think cool– with you and  give you some decent reasons to come by regularly. Who know what mischief I can get up to when I give myself permission to take the virtual muzzle off?

Let’s make next year the best one ever!*



*Use a hyperactive cheerleader sort of voice when you think these words in your head. ;)


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