Clint Black to work on RunePunk

Hello All.

We are proud to announce that Clint Black has joined Reality Blurs to work on RunePunk. Clint of Necessary Evil fame, all around good guy, and rules maestro of Savage Worlds, has joined forces with us to work on RunePunk. He’s our Savage Consultant meaning he will be poking and prodding the rules for logic, cohesiveness, and, yes, even balance. Clint and I have been in talks for some time about him coming onboard for some of our projects, but conflicting schedules and secret projects (such as AoO True20) have made it an impossibility until now.

We look forward to working with Clint on this project and, hopefully, some others in the not-to-distant future if his head doesn’t implode from my wanton disregard for rules and what-have-you. I am a method man, after all. So, if any of you wonder why Clint has suddenly slipped into a catatonic state, you have me to blame. :P




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