True 20: Worlds of Adventure and Beyond

Hello All.

I finished my final edits for Worlds of Adventure and I am really pleased with how it came together. I further refined the Sanity rules to include two main categories: Fear and Terror with True20 appropriate ways to handle the effects of exposure to either. It’s an elegant mechanic that fits in well to the core system.

I also included some simple rules for adding a Fear/Terror trait to existing True20 monsters for use in your Agents of Oblivion campaign.

While AoO is a comprehensive system for horror and espionage, it is compact. The full campaign setting will extend, expand, and refine some of the concepts and creations of the core WoA setting. It’s too soon to say exactly what as of yet, but keep your eyes peeled to this page for further information regarding its development.

What about the Savage Worlds Edition?

At this time, decisions are being made whether the development of SW AoO will be parallel or subsequent to True20 AoO. Presently, we’re leaning towards subsequent development of the SW release, because we can view it more as a full-on conversion of mechanics as necessary while retaining the flavor and storyline as much as possible. There is no doubt that SW AoO will vary somewhat from the True20 version as there are fundamental differences between the two systems. I’d compare it to Resident Evil for PS2 and Xbox. They both retain the core story and features, but both showcase certain features of one system that the other lacks. Both, however, are definitely Resident Evil and share the same excitement, adventure, and horror. Got it? Good.

Now I’ve gotta get back to writing.



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