Iron Dynasty: Sins of the Samurai

No one knows exactly when the unfeeling hand of darkness fell across the Bright Empire, only that one morning, the sky was not so blue and the clouds were not so white. The ancients still among us say that the Empire has lost its soul and that is why things are not quite right in the world. Fat merchants discount their words and say that the Empress sits upon her Lotus Throne, so how could anything be wrong? Wise men sip their sake and say no more while their zealous wards often reply in outrage that the Way has been lost. Those words are often their last as they are taken away to the Blue Bamboo Forest and never seen again. Even the lowliest peasants know that such machines as the Bamboo Abominations of Tso-Ling did not enforce the Empire’s will in their father’s time, nor did they have dreams of the Seven Dark Samurai like their children do. Recently, the wind whispers rebellion.Will you heed its call?

If you want to get a taste of this setting, you can check out Journey to Red Temple (Savage Worlds Edition).

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