Con Prep Complete (Almost)

With clothes about to be loaded in the dryer, I’m taking a quick break to let you know I practice what I preached and have everything on the game front ready to roll. There is something I omitted and something new I’m implementing, so I’ll take this opportunity to share those things with you.

1. Emergen-C. I’ve been taking this stuff for years and it helps radically boost the immune system. Some of you may only think one dose a day is enough. NO!!! Double or triple dose. Vitamin C is water soluble so the excess leaves your body. Best bet? Take it throughout your day. Like with meals or whatnot.

2. Check your data files. With the introduction of iPad into my life back in October, I flushed out my Dropbox account and reset it to standby. Now, it’s loaded up with a huge assortment of adventures and game books by yours truly with a few choice others (such as Fiasco and The Dresden Files). I double checked to make sure everything is there. ¬†Cutting down on books is going to be hugely appreciated, though I’ve yet to fully transition over to an electronic lifestyle. I want to see how it goes at this show first. I’ve run a few games, so I’m certain things should go swimmingly.

That’s it. I’m pretty excited! I’m ready to pack up the remaining bits of my life and board the plane tomorrow. The plan is to continue ever onward with The Razorwise Report for the remainder of the week. [1. I’m fairly certain they have INTERNET in Denver.]

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

6 Notes on, Con Prep Complete (Almost)

  1. The games you are running are full up. I’m bummed I couldn’t get in on the action but I will be stopping by to say hello! Have a safe trip out here!

  2. Sorry Sean, Denver didn’t pay its bill and our internet got shut off yesterday. Yup, that’s right, THE ENTIRE CITY.

  3. Woo hoo – more bloggers who will be at Genghis Con!

    And when I was at TactiCon at the same location this past September, they did indeed have free WiFi at the con site. So you should be good to go!

  4. Granted I’d have to buy a laptop or iPad first, but this is the first use of the “cloud” concept that’s really (REALLY) appealing to me. No more half-ton of hardbacks in the briefcase? It’s almost better than SWEX…

  5. Meant to add, have a great time in Denver, Sean. Last year’s Genghis Con kicked butt, except for when Ron and Shane made us play (original) Marvel Super Heroes.

  6. The Marvel Supers game wasn’t that bad! Looking forward to seeing you Sean. I’m in your Friday morning game!

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