Convention Time Encroaches

Hello All.

Con time already seems to be upon us and I’m going, man, let me write. I’ve got to get some more stuff done. (Along with some other more colorful words I’ll leave to your vivid imaginations.) Anyway, I’m commited to Origins and will be running True20 Agents of Oblivion and RunePunk for Savage Worlds. The sessions are shorter than last year so I can share more of what Reality Blurs is working on.

Hopefully, I’ll participate in some pickup games. Then, there’s GenCon. That’ll be fun. Right?

After that, I’ll catch my breath and get ready for Con on the Cob. I’m slated to be one of the guests, but Andy hasn’t updated the website yet. I intend to list some events for it this week, but I want to play to, so therein lies the dilemma.

Conventions are important and essential and exhausting. The more you put into them, the more you get out of them, and the more they take out of you. One more thing. They can be tremendously fun and educational and an excellent opportunity to meet fellow gamers. Finally, they afford someone who spends 90% of his waking time in front of his computer the opportunity to talk with people outside of emails and phone calls.




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