Shameless Self-Promotion!

Hello All.

Orwell Industries is in final edits by Jodi Black whilst we await the luscious color illustrations of Julia Bax.

Butch Curry continues his work on Sovereign Nation and got his domain of without me noticing. (I intended to buy it and hold it hostage until he finished some work, but such is life! :P No really. I wouldn’t do that…)

Ahem. So our first Superlink product is nearly out of the gate and I think you’ll love it. You’re probably wondering why we’re even invading M&M Superlink to begin with. Well, it’s a great system and there is room for us to contribute some nifty, creative things that all GMs can use to make their job easier and the superhero experience more fun. We hope you’ll like it as much as we have working on it.

What am I doing?

Well, I’m working on one of the first adventures for Agents of Oblivion True20 in between roughing out the Iron Dynasty Players Guide and finishing up some last minute RunePunk things. (Yes, this sounds familiar, except for the AoO thing.)

I’m wheeling and dealing a bit more on some AoO stuff and look forward to entrenching myself deeply into AoO once I kick off the Iron Dynasty Playtest Group and get Orwell out of the door and get RunePunk onto someone else’s desk. (Yep, that day fast approaches.)



P.S. Since I said this is shameless, Support Reality Blurs and buy our stuff!

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