Darksummer Nights Now Available!

Darksummer Nights, the long awaited first supplement for RunePunk, is available at your FLGS!

DarkSummer Nights is the first RunePunk supplement and builds upon the unique setting by offering the street-level detail that the fans have demanded. Within the pages are a highly detailed gazetteer of the borough of the City’s capital of DarkSummer, including dozens of new personalities, plot hooks, new groups, and opportunities for adventure. Broken Dreams forms the second half of the book and amplifies and expands the intrigues of DarkSummer with a comprehensive adventure that highlights many of the characters and groups found within the borough. Tell your jobbers to get ready, DarkSummer awaits!

Using the award winning Savage Worlds engine and building upon the unique vision that is RunePunk, Darksummer Nights is worth the wait.

Darksummer Nights



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