Done. Done. On to the Next One.

In addition to being a rockin’ tune by the Foo Fighters, this is a good philosophy for the working writer. No matter how amazingly amazing your last work was, it does not pay to rest upon one’s laurels nor to get too introspective with one’s works. You finish something. You pass it on to the editors or whatnot, but you let it go, and focus your attentions upon the next bit of sweetness upon your plate.

There are these meditations, called koans, which challenge one to perceive things in different ways. There is one in particular I can recall in great detail. It serves to underscore my point.

* * *

There is this monk travelling along with his disciple, and they reach a stream and see a young peasant lady stranded on the other side. Now, in this particular time, a holy man, such as our dear monk, was not allowed to touch a woman, but the monk waded through the powerful stream, lifted the woman upon his shoulders, and helped her to the other side. The disciple was confused. He didn’t understand why his master violated the precepts of their beliefs and they walked upon the road for several hours in silence before the disciple spoke up. “Master,” said the youth. “Why did you carry the woman across the water when the teachings make it clear we should not?”

The monk smiled upon his disciple and responded. “My boy, I carried her for but a moment, but it seems to me you carry her still.”

* * *

Heady stuff, is it not? I’ll return to Western form and sum it up for you. “Don’t dwell upon the past. Move on.”

Now, I have some moving on to do myself, so, until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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