Exercises in Insanity: Building a Bestiary Part II

For all you Savages following along, the bestiary for RunePunk ended up being quite comprehensive. I’ve got everything crammed in it that I wanted to. Something I would use if I were sitting down to get my game on. I still have to contend with a certain group for the sake of completeness, but there you go. That will be my focus for the rest of tonight/tomorrow. They are almost done and that should be it for the bestiary. Tomorrow night, we’ll be refining the adventure generator and tweaking it out and comparing it with the list of stuff I’ve been working on. In other words, we’re doing all the really hard work, so you can have an enjoyable playing experience. ;) I’m still extremely excited about the progress.

After that, I’ll tweak at the plot a bit more and flesh out the organizations I hope to fit into the book, such things as I daren’t not tell you. You might end up being a player, after all.




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