Friday the 13th (for Realz)

I’m going to keep things short and sweet so I don’t break anything. Today has been one bit of chaos after another. Dominoes tumbled and clashed, but I worked through it despite the cacophony of distractions around me. I was growly. I kept to myself. Twitter was done most of the day. The words did not flow well, but I centered myself. I took the advice I give out everyday and took a break. I walked around, cleared my head, and returned to the keyboard. Upon reflection, part of it was a poor night’s sleep. It got super hot and I turned on the air about 2 am. Then a storm came through about 4am and the temp dropped and I woke up very cold and generally annoyed.

I made it through. RunePunk material was written. I took all the displaced discontent and shoved it into the words. I let my rational mind rule. Everything is going well. ¬†Our releases are being well received. I’ve got my health. I’m staying in a good frame of mind (for the most part, save for times like this) and I refuse to let one bad night’s sleep through me into some spiral or make me perceive the world any differently than I did yesterday.

I’ll underscore three things before I bounce:

1. I got my writing done.

2. I had no sudden epiphanies [1. Or even slow epiphanies for that matter which sounds a bit oxymoronic, doesn’t it?]

3. I just had a bad night’s sleep.

Hang out your horseshoe,! Glue a 4-leaf clover to your forehead! It’s Friday the 13th and it’s coming for you too!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!


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