Ready for More RunePunk?!

I’ve said it elsewhere, but the first RunePunk Guidebook is out. You’ve no idea how big a deal this really is for me on a purely emotional level. It was around this time seven (7) years ago, I first conceived and began working on RunePunk. It was the first time I really threw caution to the wind and began to pursue my dreams come what may. It was a chaotic and brilliant mess and I loved every minute of it.

Now, I’m able to come back to world with a better mastery of the words and ever more experiences to draw upon to create an even richer world. We’ve had some RunePunk releases in the past with DarkSummer Nights and our Odd Jobs, Clockwork Dragons and BlackWake Spiral [1. You might go, hey they are both Jobbers Tales, but that’s both true in false. They are but we’re changing the name to Odd Jobs, because we want the guidebooks and adventures to match up. It makes sense. If we don’t do this now, we’ll be haunted by it forever. Please forgive us this trespass.], the latter by our own Dave Olson, we didn’t have the steady plan of releases we have lined up now.  Our relaunched Jobbers Tales shall sync up with the Guidebooks like the Kesshi Tales do with the Iron Dynasty Guidebooks.

We have big plans for RunePunk. The fifth year anniversary is upon us this October. We’ll give more details about this as the dates approach. So, you tell us, are you ready for more RunePunk? Please hit us up with comments here and show RunePunk some love!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!



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