Game Geeks Reviews Agents of Oblivion

This was released on my birthday, last Friday [1. That’s January 27th for you keeping track at home.], and what a great birthday present. Am I right?

Go check out what Kurt Wiegel has to say about it! If you’re already a fan of the game, I’d invite you to post your comments over there and let folks know what they’re missing!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

2 Notes on, Game Geeks Reviews Agents of Oblivion

  1. Well, belated happy birthday!

    I have to admit, I found the setting of Iron Dynasty somewhat less appealing than I’d hoped, but the more I find out about Agents of Oblivion the more I think I should pick it up.

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes! We had a strong response to Iron Dynasty, but when one strikes out in new directions, you can’t please everyone or, like I like to say, that’s why they make more than one flavor of ice cream. Everyone has different tastes.

    The dials we began in Realms of Cthulhu are not as evident in Iron Dynasty (though they are there, if you look for them in the sense of you can alter things to best suit your game). They are very much in the fore in Agents of Oblivion. Folks like the customization options we’ve provided.

    Take care!

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