GenCon is Next Week???

What the—

for some reason, I thought I had another week or so…I’ve been so head down working and writing I’m out of touch with about everything around me. I’m even dreaming of editing and doing layout work. When I get to the computer, however, I’m every bit as excited about RunePunk as I was from the beginning, even more so, and I’ll be glad to have it out there…

That being said, the next project cranking up in earnest is Agents of Oblivion and I’ve been orchestrating particulars on that and doing the business side of things in the background. I’ve got demos to run next week and I’m sure I’ll have a good time at GenCon, but I have so much work to do here, I wonder how I’ll get it all done in the time frame I’m shooting for.

Oh well, wish me luck!



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