Getting it all together…

How’s it going?

I initially was going to go with a cheesier title for this section today, but I’m not feeling that silly after all. More of a somber, serious feeling, kind of an autumnal feeling I don’t typically associate with summer, but there ya go. I’ve got it, so I’ll roll with it.

I’m glad to say that JtRT is put to bed and will be out soon. I’ve amended a few little typos that niggled their way to the surface after being distilled into PDF format so I’ll get to redo that again before the product is released, so that’ll take, what, fifteen minutes tops.

When I first set up this section- the razorwise report- I wanted to offer insights of what’s going on in my head as I write and learn more about the industry, cause, let’s face it, I’m figuring it out as I go and am learning bunches from very cool people that have already invented the wheel.

One of the things I’ve learned is doing it all is exhausting, but rewarding. I do writing, layout, art direction, editing, and the website and come up with ideas and edit and direct other writers as well (not to mention the extraneous business details of public relations, promotions, bookkeeping, et. al.). This isn’t trying to blow my own horn, it’s just sort of how it is, and that, if I stop to think about it too much, it could be perceived as daunting. The upside is that I have mobility to respond to things and get to set prioritization and be able to shift quickly as the circumstances dictate. The downside is that it’s hard to chop down a jungle with one machete and that’s what I face sometimes, so I really appreciate the support of my friends and family and the fellow gamers that provide support, insight, and sometimes chop down a tree for me or point out pitfalls to avoid. (Heh. See how I nicely tied that imagery up for you?)

Anyway…one adventure down, a billion more to go. It does feel great to finally have something done and inspires me to continue onward. Every day, I learn something of use to Reality Blurs, whether it’s from a movie, a marketing book, or just sitting and thinking. I’m not slacking on other, larger works, it’s just part of the plan that cannot be revealed yet. ;)




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