Journey to Red Temple Pending Final Approval

Hello All.

Journey to Red Temple, the first adventure set in the Iron Dynasty, is complete and in the hands of the powers that be for final approval.

Want a bigger cover shot? Click the pic!


Journey to Red Temple is a full blown adventure set in the outer fringe of the Bright Empire. It is clearly and concisely written and comes complete with six hapless heroes for your players to choose from and guidelines for making their own. The enclosed bestiary and random encounter table assure a different adventure every time you play. A number of simple, optional, genre conventions will have you and your friends in the high-flying kung-fu fantasy action seen in your favorite anime or martial arts movies. Just grab a few of your friends and you’re good to go!

Full-color interior art by Kevin Harthun and a great cover by Adam Shaw will make this a glorious addition to any SW gamers PDF ensemble.





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