Gordian Knot

Sometimes, you can’t go around and must go through.


While working on mobile devices: phones, tablets, notebooks, notecards, and the like, is a wonderful thing, there comes a time when all the writing must be collated and sorted and organized.

It can look like a knot. It can look like an impassable thicket. Luckily, you are the child of progress, of civilization, of centuries of those who have tamed nature, wrested resources from the earth, and have given you a machete of intellect and the wisdom to separate the good stuff from the cruft. If you’ve taken your time during the writing, you won’t have a ton of cruft, but you’ll find that the tonality of a project can sometimes shift as your wet clay turns to stone and you have given proper form to the work.

At some point in the process, as you shove and shift words around and cut through the morass of tangled order and connect the dots of thoughts, your work begins to take shape before your eyes. Words shift from mere flickering pixels to form not merely a document, but a manuscript. Order imposed upon chaos. It is a wonderful thing each and every time.

Today is one such day for me when I can see the shape in the shadows and it is aligning to the one long lurking in my mind’s eye.

Think wisely. Write well.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!


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