Traction in Action

There are those who die on railroad tracks. Ever wonder why?
They are stuck in one way or another. Refusing to move.
The track turns to grave. The train becomes Reaper.
They turn to grain.
They die.

You need to be certain to be willing to move from a position, a point, a place, a time, a situation that will not allow you to actualize your goal. Writers say to place the fictional characters in perilous places to enable a conflict. You are no fiction. Are you? Do you let the lines determine where to place your pigments? Do you color outside the lines?

This does not mean to run away from the tracks or run down the road or abandon your life. Take steps to improve your position, your fiction, your reality.

Be nimble. Be humble. Don’t jumble your thoughts. Use clarity. Establish an outline. Allow flexibility to govern your decisions.

Think wisely. Write well.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu.

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