Great Review

Hello There…

I sent in Powers & Perils in to the RPGNow staff for review and it’s come back with an absolutely great write up…

Check it.

To say this book is very well written is like saying Picasso was a finger painter. Orwell Industries emphasis on Hemmingway length descriptions for all of its characters, products and internal locations is ambrosia for those who crave fluff. Mutants and Masterminds is a game for those whom like flare over three dimensional tactics, which fits the writing of this book nicely. You can place Orwell Industries into any timeline or genre with minor tweaking. It is skillfully written so that you get a lot of detail, but you do not get enough that the company is unusable if it did not match a certain genre. I can see this book used settings from Pulp to Golden Age. Even if you don’t use the company, you can easily pluck out any of the characters or equipment.

But you will WANT to use the Corporation.

Read the whole thing here

Thanks to Nathan Collins for the balanced review and to every one of you that’s purchased it!



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