I Remember Sleep: A Retrospect with Random Fragments of Oblivion and Insight


Last month, I worked while being very sick. I eventually had to take a bit of time off to recover and that was spent blissfully sleeping. Now, I’m hearty and hale again and sleep is but a wistful memory. When I get immersed in a project, it consumes a lot of my time. I end up thinking about various parts of it and how to tweak them around. It’s like being faced with a different Gordian Knot every time and some of them are not so easily sliced through. Presently, however, I’ve got multiple projects and some definite deadlines I’m facing and I’m alternatingly excited, intrigued, and exasperated about some facet of any or all of them at any one time.

In the main though, I’m excited. There’s a lot of coolness that I’m being allowed to bring to Agents of Oblivion. I’m not talking just the setting either. Being associated with Green Ronin and the True20 system is absolutely awesome. The opportunity to define some parameters for horror roleplaying with such an elegantly designed system is sweet and then couple that with an opportunity to do it for espionage as well and it’s almost like getting injected with straight sugarwater right in the carotid artery (or so I might imagine.) So, between those opportunities and wrapping up RunePunk and going through Orwell Industries and art directions and dealing with writers and artists and expanding the website and any of a half a hundred other things, sometimes sleep is not the highest priority.

I’ve allowed myself some time to sleep in. Heck, it’d be nice, but my body wakes up lately after six hours of sleep. Once I’m up, I’m basically up. My mind starts fiddling with those Gordian Knots and I get up, excited to get to work. Most of the time. Art directions are an acquired taste. Art is cool and important and so insanely subjective it’s one of those things where my sounding boards fail me. Ultimately, I have to go with my gut on how I want things to look and cross my fingers that the artist gets across my vision. The weird thing though is all the filters it goes through from beginning to end.

I’m hoping to have some reveals on the artsy part of Orwell Industries to give you an example of exactly what things go through from start to finish. Now that I’ve got pages set up dedicated to specific product lines, it’ll be easier to group everything in its appropriate categories so you guys can find it better.

Now, back to work. Oblivion awaits. :)



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