Idle Hands or What I Did Over Christmas Vacation: Modern Dispatch #73


Over the Christmas break, I had a few idle hours and took a break from RunePunk to summon up my dark muse of horror that I’ll need for Agents of Oblivion. Preferring to write with a purpose, I conjured up a new character for the Pinebox Mythos and garnered my first writing gig for 12 to Midnight…it’s entitled Sundown Cineplex…in it, I reveal a bit of my darker side. You’ll find it for purchase here. Ed also wanted me to mention you can get a free map of the city here.

It was a blast to completely rattle something out and see it to completion. A nice sprint compared to the marathons I’ve been working on.

If you enjoy using it in your d20 Modern Campaign half as much as I enjoyed working on it, I’ll call it a job well done.



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