Intriguing Developments…

shall not be found on this page today. No siree. Just keeping it short and sweet. I’ve got more random ramblings on the other pages, but here’s a nice shot of what’s up with the Blur.

1. I’m fleshing out some areas of RunePunk that need the fleshing out.

2. I gave a writer a concept for a unique M&M Superlink product. He shot me back something right along the lines of what I was looking for and, as an added bonus, dovetails nicely into the planned, Capes & Spandex: Asylum storyline.

3. Art is coming in and, other than a few minor changes here and there, is nearly complete. Adam Shaw, Stephen Sheperd, and Kevin Harthun have done the work and you’ve seen what they can do in various products of my own and others.

4. I’m in the process of converting Iron Dynasty: Journey to Red Temple to an M&M Superlink product and am curious to see how well it will be received.

5. Have a great week and I’ll have some more interesting news, I’m sure, to divulge next week.



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