Apologies, Antics, and Promotions

Hello All.

I didn’t have much to say last week, so I ended up saying nothing. Or maybe, the stuff I had things to say about is one of those Bondesque FOR YOUR EYES ONLY kinda stuff. Intrigue and espionage exist in the real world just as much in the funny papers, my friends, no matter what your chosen profession may be.

Or possibly, I spent a lot of time congealing thoughts on multiple projects and restructuring my priorities. So, you’ll be happy to hear that RunePunk production is being ramped up quite vociferously. Additionally, I have a Halloween surprise in store for the Savages out there. I’m scribbling away on something. ;)

Conversions to M&M are going a bit more slowly than I wished, probably due to the necessity of familiarizing myself with 2E M&M which, I must say, is good stuff. Kudos to Mr. Kenson on his work there!

What else? Some of you have told me you want me to have longer posts, so what do you want me to write about? The lonely rantings of a writer? Something fantastic? Some fictions? More revelations on RunePunk? Tell me something.

Heck, shoot me an email if you have a good suggestion. sean@realityblurs.com

I do try to be here every week, but, please remember, I’m only human, so if I miss a Monday from time to time, try not to crucify, and keep coming back, will ya? I aim to educate and entertain amidst the promotions. Heck, I’d kinda like to have seen something like this as I was first starting the process, but I didn’t, which is why I started this and why some folks have already begun to adopt it. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I suppose, but sometimes it fringes on perjury, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I’ve taken up enough of your pixels on this chaotic course, so remember the following if you remember anything.

1. RunePunk: Steam & Shadow is one of the top priorities and is shaping up quite well.

2. Halloween goodness is in the works.

3. We want to hear your feedback, so write us, and check here often for updates.

4. And, Starfall Jungle and Journey to Red Temple appreciate your love, so support the Blur and pick it up at PEGINC.COM or RPGNOW.COM if you haven’t done so. We have to pay our staff!




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