Recovery Takes Time

Okay…that last post about the weekend with Oblivion might’ve been an understatement. It takes a toll on the body and mind to crank out with that intensity for that length of time, so I took a break from the computer, more or less, to concentrate on Runepunk. Yeah, remember that? :) How does leaving the computer help the creative process? Here, let me explain.

I use a fully interactive, portable analog system with a binary input device to help in the creative process. In other words, a pen and paper. Not any pen will do. I’m really quirky. It’s gotta be a certain type of pen- a Pilot Precise V5, black, extra fine. However, in a pinch, I’ll use anything that will write on anything that will be written on. I like curling up in the downstairs chair, my thinking chair, beside my bookshelf stuffed with random bits of inspiration that definitely does not collect dust. It’s a working bookshelf, so references are always handy. I have this notebook that I trap my ideas in and categorize and join thoughts and random words or phrases to get things to gel. Additionally, I’ve got more art in for RunePunk- it’s looking absolutely stunning, by the way- and it helps my energy level seeing the world come alive before me.

The map was finished a week ago and it makes me very happy to see it and work from it. That being said, I’ve been feeling more or less reclusive and withdrawn from the world while I tame the beast that is RunePunk.

In closing, I appreciate all the support on Starfall Jungle and am glad to see that you guys really like Journey to Red Temple as well!

Look for a Halloween treat in the very near future.



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