The Longest Weekend Ever: My Date with Oblivion


I love to write and it’s a good thing as I’ve spent nearly every waking minute this past seven days doing just that. I finished working out Agents of Oblivon: Starfall Jungle while working on Agents of Oblivion for True20. Luckily, they both dealt with the same subject and are sublime systems, but I’d like to address a little bit about the opportunities and possibilities of True20 for just a moment.

As it’s a fledgling system for the genre of horror-espionage, the field was wide open for a lot of radical changes. But why? Steve Kenson came up with some stellar stuff with the system and I’m not big for mucking with mechanics a whole bunch, so we cleaved as closely to the core system while packing it with as much flavor and crunch as possible. Naturally, deviations had to arise just a little bit, but not enough to disturb anyone who likes True20. Heck, we just tailored the core system a bit to provide a very flexible and, dare I say, fun setting that should be able to handle everything from hardcore horror to the X-Files to even that new show, Threshold. However, if you want to deviate from the norm, you can really get into the strangeness that is unique to the setting and fully embrace Oblivion. That, my friends, will be up to you.

A note to Savages that read this: Reality Blurs is not abandoning Agents of Oblivion for Savage Worlds. While the recent setting work done for AoO has been focused on True20, most everything will be a dream to migrate over. Or, perhaps, I should say, a nightmare?



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