Iron Dynasty 2.0

Hello All.

The Rough & Ugly Player’s Guide is getting a good reception. I’ve dropped some of the initial conceits going into the project, especially concerning the set up of archetypes and other such things, and owe that to all the great playtesters whom I have keeping me on the straight and narrow. I think this is the version that, with a few tweaks, is the keeper. I’m excited to have a strong core as now I can shift focus on working on more of the story elements and give the plot the attention it deserves. I love on working within both arenas of development, the mechanical side, which is essential to a good roleplaying experience (a story is only as good as its characters) and the story (without which, the characters are, to a degree, unable to actualize their potential.) See? All those philosophy, psych courses, and business books I’ve read over the years finally came in handy. :)

Continuing on. I’ve got the passion and excitement for Iron Dynasty that lets me know I’m on the right track. I learned a tremendous amount on RunePunk and am now able to take those skills and talents and bring them to bear as we move forward into the Sins of the Samurai. I can’t wait.

Let us honor our ancestors and game on!



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