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Hello All.

I signed off on the proof a few weeks back and that new smell and look and the fact that it looked right was a tremendous relief.

The color scheme looked wonderful, making me refer to the Con on the Cob edition as the “blue book”. We experienced a slight color shift on those, but it was entirely okay. They looked gorgeous and makes them quite collectible. I have my copy!

These are a bit more subdued on some of the artwork, making the smoke a bit smokier, but the page tones are identical, as is the banner art. If you got an early copy (or are getting one of the few remaining), you got a solid piece of work.

All the Pinnacle folks gave glowing recommendations and are enthused to see RunePunk finally in print. Shane said “it was fantastic” and whomever is updating the Pinnacle website these days (is it Joe now or Simon?) said the following:

Savage License Hits Print

RunePunk, an officially licensed Savage Worlds RPG setting written and produced by Reality Blurs is available for order! As part of Pinnacle Entertainment’s limited Savage Worlds licensing program.

Reality Blurs has put together a 192 page, full color, masterpiece of storytelling that transports players to an era where arcane essence and steam driven oddities fill the streets. Players can explore the world on their own with the adventure generator, or follow the twisting stories of ScatterPoint through the fully integrated Plot Point campaign.

Choose from five races and assign them new setting-specific edges and hindrances, and powers. Outfit characters with wings and rockets or keep them grounded in innate armor. Cast runes, make machines, or summon demons to do your dirty work.

Put a pre-order in at the Studio 2 website and peer into the dark secrets of Reality Blurs for more information on RunePunk: Steam & Shadow.


How cool is that? I’m already working on product support. If you listen in to the slated podcast, you should be able to hear all the details, but adventures galore, expanded information on city districts, and assorted goodnesses abound.




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