Reflections from a Muddied Pool

Hello All.

It’s murky and cold December and I haven’t posted anything here in such a long time, you might think I’ve been hibernating. Fear not!

I’ve been writing away on lotsa good stuff. I enjoyed Con on the Cobb tremendously and will be talking about that, albeit belatedly on the front page. I’ve already been busy dealing with errata, RunePunk support, and lots of interested emails and questions and what-have-you.

What can I say? I’ve done it. I’ve created a game all the way through from conception to reception. I’ve dealt with designers and distributors and artists and editors and all sorts of madnesses along the way. But it’s done. The people who have seen it have liked it. I’ve now been busy writing away, focusing on product support, and ramping up efforts on two projects near and dear to my heart, Iron Dynasty and Agents of Oblivion.

More details will be forthcoming about those in the near future, as soon as I get things sorted out.

Thanks to everyone for making this our best year ever. I look forward to getting RunePunk into your hands and you exploring ScatterPoint.

Best Regards,


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