Worth the Wait? We’ll See…

Hello All.

Regardless of how RunePunk is received, it is a milestone in my burgeoning career as a game developer. It is the idea that spawned Reality Blurs. It is the idea which Shane Hensley gave the go ahead to develop. It is the idea that built my confidence, taught me the nuances of game balance, style, and afforded the opportunity to give life to other ideas, such as Iron Dynasty and Agents of Oblivion to name a few. The floodgates are wide open and I write feverishly because I love to game and I love to write. I meet some amazing people, I have a good time, and experience events and things I might not otherwise be exposed to sequestered away in my room, just scribbling away.

Is RunePunk ambitious? Yep. It’s a whopping 190+ page, full color book crammed full of imagination. Personally, I get a big kick out of playing it, but I’m biased.

Is RunePunk perfect? Nope. But I love it, despite its imperfections. Is it fun? Sure. Everyone that’s experienced it comes away saying they had a blast. What it lacks in polish, I hope it makes up for in personality. Ultimately, its fate is determined when it’s released into the wild, into the hands of you, the gamer.

Thank you for your support and an opportunity to add a bit to the gaming industry I so dearly love. I hope I get to continue to do so for quite some time.



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