RunePunk’s Imminent Release and AoO’s Awakening

Hello All.

As mentioned elsewhere, RunePunk is off to the printers in the morning. How strangely odd and fascinating, but I shan’t rest on laurels here. No. Not me!

I’m already exploring the darker recesses of my mind as development ramps up on Agents of Oblivion. The mythology is unfolding and the intertwining of the various organizations, such as Oblivion, Pandora, and those yet unmentioned, weave a delicate and nefarious tapestry about the world in a struggle for the very survival of all humanity.
The flavours of fear are fermenting feverishly in my brain and already spill upon the page in dark, crimson swirls…

Look for me at Con on the Cobb. I may be mentioned to discuss Agents of Oblivion if you can get me off the topic of RunePunk. ;)



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