Iron Dynasty: Guidebook #1 Now Available

Corners of Konoyo, the Iron Dynasty Guidebook Series, provides even more information about your favorite Heavy Metal Oriental setting!

Guidebook #1 focuses on Ikusa Kokoro and takes you right into the heart of the empire. Exciting details and adventure hooks are on every page. You’ll find expanded information on Ikusan history, military structure and ¬†settlements, as well as new places of interest and more. Random encounter tables keyed specifically for the province, with all new people and creatures, fully immerse you into the setting more

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2 Notes on, Iron Dynasty: Guidebook #1 Now Available

  1. This sounds very interesting Sean. I don’t have group looking to play ID at the moment, but I’m sure to pick this and future ones up when I do. Any plans to do ones like this for the various city districts and barrens regions for RunePunk?

  2. Thanks, Jon. I always envisioned doing guidebooks with RunePunk from the very inception of the setting, so your question is a salient one the answer of which I’ve not made public. Our plan is, indeed, to do guidebooks for RunePunk as well, and you’ve nailed the proposed structure. Since we have a very solid base of settings under our belt at this point, we’ll be concentrating more heavily on support for them.

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