Irony, True20, and Superlink

Hello All…

The news today is that I’ve got a really talented artist lined up to work on Orwell Industries and am wrapping up the art directions for her.

The irony is that I really want to start talking more about Agents of Oblivion, but the truth of the matter is I’m too busy to give it the justice it deserves yet. Strange, but true.

First, Orwell Industries needs to be taken care of completely for M&M Superlink and handed off for layout and then I have to wrap up the final edits for Agents of Oblivion and get the latest iteration of Runepunk into the hands of the active readers and one other special, soon to be announced party. After that, I’ll rest for, like, thirty seconds and then begin to crank up the work on AoO when I’m down to two main projects to work on.

So, bear with me. I’ll start up talking about Agents of Oblivion very soon. I want to talk about it already. Heck, if any True20 folks actually start a thread and send me a link to said thread, I’ll be happy to start answering questions now. You’ve gotta show me your interested to get me to advance my Q&A date.


Sean Preston

P.S. Welcome to all the new readers of the Blur. Thanks for joining us already in progress. So ya know, I’m active on the web, especially during the week, at least lurking if nothing else.

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