This is my full time gig.

Hello All.

Hope you had a great weekend. It was wet and rainy in Memphis and I spent a lot of time playing The Two Thrones with my daughter, but I did manage to get some edits in on AoO and do a bit of reading through Orwell Industries and the next M&M Superlink project in the pipe out of that.

You might have noticed we just have a couple of products out for Savage Worlds and wonder why we wanted to participate in the True20 competition and how come we produce things so slowly.

I weighed the pros and cons of all that, before thrusting my time and energy into something I had sketched out for Savage Worlds. What it comes down to is something I remembered coming away from a dinner with Shane Hensley, Clint Black, and Jerry Blakemore, among others, at GenCon 2005. Shane posited that the setting should be paramount over a system, so I opted to focus on that and make that my mantra: “it’s the setting not the system.” So, I thought, heck, AoO would be great for True20 and there are some neat parallels in the mechanics, so what the heck.

Now…just so you know that we’re not idle, we’ve got a lot in store for this year. RunePunk: Steam and Shadow will be coming out as well as Powers & Perils: Worldpowers, an M&M Superlink book, and I’m making great strides on Agents of Oblivion for True20, that’s already in the works too. So, if you bear with us and offer us your support, you’ll see some innovative stuff coming out. The thing is, we’ve not been rushing to get product out, we’ve been getting everything lined up to get out stuff that we’d want to buy. We’re juggling a lot of things here, but the staff slowly grows and active readers come on board as we get better known, and, just so you know, this is my full time gig, we’ve just got a lot going behind the scenes.



P.S. I did vow to keep my eyes averted from new systems for this year…so much to do already!!!

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