Knocking the dust off the dirt…

Hello All.

It’s been quiet around here and the dirt is getting dusty. I updated on forums here and there that I’m alive and kicking, more and less, and have had every good intention of getting on here and posting, but didn’t. I’ve been spending nearly every waking minute on working and refining some stuff. What stuff? Well, DarkSummer for RunePunk is proceeding quite well and I’ve got someone working on expanding it out and adding to the robustness while I turn my attentions primarily to writing Agents of Oblivion for True20. The project scope expanded out from what I originally envisioned, but it’s a lot stronger for it and a lot of it should port over to SW when we get to that stage, but I’ve got some SW goodness coming out before then. Unfortunately, some delays arose in the schedule making the Iron Dynasty RPG take a hit a bit in release, but the Iron Dynasty Showdown Edition, which is in parallel development is going like gangbusters and we’re gonna have some great battles with it coming on at Origins and other cons this year. Heck, we got highlighted in the Origins report this year with three mentions under Seminars, Roleplaying, and Miniatures. Not bad. We’re in good company. I look forward to the panels I’ll be on with Ed and Preston of 12 to Midnight and hope to wrangle some of those fellows to sit in on mind. Ed and I have been hashing out some of the finer points of one panel. He’s making talking points and an outline. I told him I tried that once…

At any rate, we’re working away on lotsa stuff and I’m in a good groove, but wanted to say hello to everyone and thanking everyone for the great support that RunePunk has been receiving on all fronts and to let you all know that I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the cons.




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