Starlight in crimson…

The title is everything and nothing, but this is the mad lab, after all. The True20 Companion is out and print and I hear people are digging it. I so love working on the horror, but I love the spies too, so what better thing to be working on for me than Agents of Oblivion?

I’ve got some nifty narrative chase rules developed. Check. I’ve got the campaign factors together, which I mentioned over on the True20 forums the other day…

And there is more. Oh yes, there will be blood. Heh. Okay. That’s a line from some movie or other, but the name escapes me. Just stick with me. I’m a bit fatigued after working on those aforementioned chase rules that are not quite like anything I’ve seen, but, hey, I haven’t seen everything, but after some playtesting they seem to move pretty well. Might well include a more detailed chase system as well, for those wanting more crunch. I’ll have to see what John does with that. (We’re waiting, John.) ;)

I’ll talk more about this in the AoO section of the website, so you don’t think I’m obsessed with a fancy new toy. I’ve got several other irons in the fire. DarkSummer for RunePunk is going through some additional hands and I’ve got one keen guy taking his first stab at drafting something for print, so we’ll see what he comes up with. I think it’s in capable hands.

What else? Iron Dynasty Showdown Edition has been smoothed out and we’ll see how people dig it at the shows this summer. It’s got a nice oriental flavor, plus the addition of the kikai and the gorgeous minis Stacy has put together, I think people will be chomping at the bit for it.

I’ve also got a pretty big announcement about RunePunk, but I’m gonna sit on that until next week. Yes, I promise I’ll post next week.

Until then, browse around. I’ve updated other pages too, y’know.




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