More Light in the Darkness


I want you to know that Agents of Oblivion is coming together quite wonderfully. No joke. We’ve got new roles, new rules, and some other keen stuff, like Campaign Factors, Narrative Chase Rules, and a Shorthand System for NPC creation that will make creating NPCs a major breeze.

Today, I’d like to talk about Campaign Factors.

Campaign Factors

There are three thematic factors and two faction factors to determine when you prepare to kickoff Agents of Oblivion. Couple these elements with the robust list of campaign qualities and you are well on your way to establishing the framework for your unique vision.

The thematic factors are: the Alien Factor, the Horror Factor, and the Conspiracy Factor.

The faction factors are: the Spy Tech Factor and the Mystic Power Factor.

Each factor has a range from 0 to 4 that impacts your campaign in various ways. By adjusting these, you can create your specific campaign style. Following, you’ll find specific details of the Horror Factor.

Horror Factor

0 – None beyond what has been wrought by man upon the world.

1 – The Mouth of Madness. Horror is rare, but real. Few people in this campaign are aware the supernatural exists, possibly not even the heroes. Any encounter with the supernatural will be extremely unnerving, and onlookers may risk terror and insanity. Creatures prompting a Fear save instead force a Terror save.

2 – The Eternal Scream. Most people are unaware the supernatural exists, but the heroes and other knowledgeable Narrator characters know of it, even if they do not understand it. Normal sanity rules apply with a +5 DC.

3 – The Waking Nightmare. Agents are trained with a basic understanding of the occult and realize the reality of it all. Agents regularly contend with horror and survive, though it is still unnerving. Normal sanity rules apply.

4 – Lurkers at the Threshold. Horror has a firm and solid home in the world. Agents are conditioned enough to realize the supernatural is real and firm enough in their resolve to know it can be beaten back. Agents are generally regarded as possessing the campaign quality of Jaded towards supernatural encounters.

Next time, we’ll talk about cultures, organizations, and the supernatural and the real driver of the book, Campaign Styles.

Until then!


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