Manic Monday


I said I’d shoot for weekly updates, so here ya go. New stuff in the dirt, the report, and the madlab.

Some of you are too busy to surf around for your recreational needs, so here ya go.

APB is coming! The Anime Powers Book for Savage Worlds and M&M. Lee Hammock of Power Corrupted will be working on the meat of the book, I’ll be adding flavor and Savage Seasonings!

RunePunk progresses well.

Katana awaits in the wings as do the Microcosms…

I’m reviewing new writers and artists at the moment. Maybe it was the attention from the MidSouth Con, I dunno. I’ve got a meeting sometime after the first of the week with the creator of Image Comics’ Bloodstream. Cool stuff, we’ll see what happens with that.

Should you have any interest in writing for us, go to our contact page for details.



P.S. The rains here in Memphis and the extreme gloom make for great stream of consciousness writing, brainstorming, and working on a fantasy world. Not so much for a news update. This probably reads like the hybrid offspring of Faulkner and Cronkite. Apologies, but that’s the way it is.

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