Message in a Bottle

Hello All,

I’m doing much better today. Thanks for asking. There was much sleep. There was some Skyrim. There was streaming media. There was a giving up of the ghost on Friday. There was a consideration of writing something on Saturday and a subsequent concesssion mid-morning (of said Saturday) that I had no great thoughts to deliver that couldn’t wait until my mind was less muddy.

I am now lucid.

My thoughts are clear. My body momentarily weaker as it continues to recover. We are all human, frangible, just some of us more so than others. Admitting our limitations is a wisdom, a consideration that comes with time and the scars life throws at us. Some days are better than others. Some are worse. Each day shapes us in its passing.

Dominos fall from across the lawn and affect us all in varying waves of effectiveness.

We’ll be talking about what’s in the works directly very soon. I’m already talking about it with allusions, with shadowplay and semantics.

I wanted to let messages in bottles reach the shores both near and far. Steps taken once more into a world both larger and more wondrous than one mind can imagine and more infinitely impossible for any rational mind to comprehend.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adeiu.


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