Midweek Musings

First Wednesday of the year and I’m sitting here thinking ‘I’ve got nothing”, but that’s not quite true. ┬áDespite the aches and pains of age, likely exacerbated by the extreme cold, I got a lot of words written. Something off my beaten path. Yesterday, I was talking about developing your workflow and giving yourself permission to do other things. Today, I implemented my suggestion and walked the walk or worded the words, as the case may be.

You might be thinking, “Writing is still writing”, but that’s not entirely true. Yes, stringing words after another are mechanically the same. The essence is not. Your mind can go in other spheres and directions depending upon the type of writing you do, and it’s important for writers to exercise the various compartments of their headspace to good effect. Having everything working in unison is when you truly hit synergy, and things truly become greater than the sum of their parts.

I just needed a break from what I’ve been working on–just a small one–and this proved to be just the necessary distraction I needed. And when those words written, I didn’t feel I had any words left to say. I’m just a bit drained, but working on catching my second wind.

I’ve also begun to dip my toes into the reading of the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons that has been floating around the household. You’ve likely heard that it’s good stuff, and the bits and pieces I’ve read of it are solid. I’ll likely write some more about it. Basically, it’s gotten me interested in fantasy stuff. This is likely where nostalgia and curiosity have coincided enough to get me to take a peek, and where solid mechanics keep my interest. I’ll need to digest the rules fully and give them a spin. My head is full of thoughts on deconstructing D&D and taking it in different directions. This is likely something I’ll do. I’ve even considered how I’d implement a variation of the model using Haiku 2.0. (Presently, just a thought experiment.)

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!


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