Mission in Grey Mesa


Last night, the group gathered around the table to do a polishing playtest of RunePunk. Present was a Ferren Runecaster, a Sellsword Overwrought, and a ShadowPriest who met at the Flywheel, an Overwrought-dominated bar, around the corner from an iron press. A misunderstanding about birthrights with a drunken patron, resulted in a frenetic bar flight resulting in one slain Overwrought (not the player’s character) and one knocked out with its system overloaded by RuneBolts. A passing GearHawk recognized the Ferren and offered to accompany them in exchange for a share of the chain.

Soon after, they set out into the steamy streets of Grey Mesa. They wove through the Warrens where they scared off a pack of diseased Ferren who demanded tribute with intimidation and the dread runecasting of the Whisper of Reckoning. Their quest? A mysterious meeting at the Dark Temple, that lay in the heart of the Warrens, arranged at the behest of the High Priest of Shadow.

They walked into a plaza area where the moon shone down into the lower regions, casting long strange shadows, causing the characters to stand about in amazement. This drew the attention of the City Guard who always take note when an Overwrought wanders too far away from the factory. After presenting his papers, the Overwrought seethed and led his companions into the dank sewers as they wound their way around towards the Dark Temple, eventually encountering a strange demon-scorpion hybrid that nearly killed the Overwrought, who was rescued by the dead aim of the GearHawk and the mystic abilities of the Andari ShadowPriest.

What happened next? More strangeness that is better left for you to discover on your own…



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