Being Known

I need to talk with more artsy types than are typically in my room where I do all of my writing. Hey, I can’t have a room full of artsy types while I work and there aren’t many where I go and shoot pool. It’s a challenge for a lot of them to read the numbers on the balls as it is, but I digress.

Met up with a bunch of comic guys last week. (The kind that draw comics, not stand-ups.) Several of them are pushing through the veils of relative obscurity to a state of “being known.”

I talked writing and gaming and they showed me sketchbooks and told me the ups and downs of the Con circuit. Most of them I met at MidSouth Con, but some of them travel more than rock stars, pushing their product, their creativity, and meeting the fans.

I’ll be hitting the Con circuit in earnest after I get RunePunk done. This has been a busy, busy past year and I’ve been learning a lot and meeting good folks that inspire and drive me to really dig into the creative essence of my core and create some cool stuff. Ahem. Okay, sometimes the artsy gets contagious. :D Back to blood and guts now!



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