Coolness Ensues


I had a meeting last week with a bunch of local comic artists. One in particular has a bent towards horror and has mad skills. He’s had his own series with Image Comics and has some neat upcoming projects. He introduced me to a good buddy of his who also draws some most amazing zombies and other random weirdnesses.

Guess what? This guy is interested in doing some illo work for Reality Blurs and colloborating on some other projects. We may even be doing a conversion of his comic series.

I don’t want to say much more than that, except that I sold him a copy of the Savage Worlds game and hope to get him and his friend to be regular gamers.

So, guess what? That makes the second KNOWN person I’ve sold a copy of Savage Worlds Revised. The first? E.E. Knight of Vampire Earth fame. BTW, he savaged the setting for that himself and it should be ready. Yeah, he beat me to the first setting book complete, but major congratulations anyway. I read through an advance copy and it looks like mighty fun. I’ll play it when I put RunePunk to bed, and before I get deep into Katana. Eric (E.E.) is a good guy and his work is pending final approval. Look for it.

Wow. How did I end up doing an infomercial? *L*

Anyway. That’s it for today.

Back to the intrigues of ScatterPoint.



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