APB Unveiled


Here is the latest concoction being brewed in the Mad Lab!

After a good bit of discussion, the APB: Anime Powers Book is going to be released initially for the Savages!

What will separate this from other SW Books?

The APB is divided into Chapters (that’s not the new thing) with each chapter being modular in design, enabling you, the Gamer, to pick and choose if you want Space Fantasy or CyberNinja Battle or Samurai Steampunk. ;)

Here’s an example chapter’s scope and outline.

Chapter 2
Fantasy Anime: Characters in a magical world with elves and demons and such, possibly an alternate version of actual history.

Each Chapter will have the following sections:
Source Material
Combining With Other Genres
Rules Modifications
New Powers/Feats/Edges/Skills/etc.
Example Campaign

I’m very excited to announce the direction we are taking the APB and will offer post-release support to the APB with adventures and other nifty suprises down the road.


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