Profession Spotlight: The GearHawk


This week, we turn the spotlight on one of the Professions of RunePunk, the Gearhawk. Deftly drawn by Stephen Sheperd.


Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Repair d6+, Scrounge d6+, Notice d8+

This character is a master scrounger and improvisational inventor, quick witted and keen eyed. He suffers no negative penalities for lack of equipment in most situations. He gets +2 to all Scrounge rolls.

In addition, he is generally able to whip up simple devices to serve some bizarre need or to create something that’s needed when the thing isn’t actually present. The extent of this is up to the GM, but a good rule of thumb is to make it a Smarts roll with a modifier to the TN dependent upon the situation.


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