Weirdness Magnet

Sometimes, you have to just veer off a bit and look at things differently. Sometimes, life will throw up an obstacle all by itself.

As for myself, I’m a Weirdness Magnet. It’s listed as a Disadvantage in the GURPS Core Book and ever since I noticed it (back in the day), I figured that summed up a lot of my life experiences.

This morning I got up, went to the gym, as I usually do, which is extra-special fun if you’re not a morning person and went to get eggs and light bulbs at the grocery store after I worked out.

While I worked out, I gave some thought to what I was gonna write about this morning. Usually, that’s how I’ve been starting the Monday columns out, but, I get to the grocery store checkout line, a bit tired, and this old man, I mean really old man, like Methusulah or nearabouts, decides to start talking to me about politics. I told him I don’t discuss Politics or Religion with strangers, but he wouldn’t shut up, so when he finally kept going on and on about the unfairness of war, I told him I graduated from a Military School. He asked which one. The Citadel. He kinda shut up after that and I got my groceries.

I was going to write about the books I read, but sometimes my life is a lot stranger than fiction. Oh well, you now know that every waking moment can be inspiration, should you choose to open your eyes and look for it.




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