Missive 13: Agencies

Welcome Back Agents,

This missive I wanted to share with you some of the fantastic tables produced by Stephen Miller who coauthored Gaslight: A Victorian Fantasy Setting from Battlefield Press.  He put together a massive table of all the possible random names for agencies using the table found in Agents of Oblivion.  Here are my favorite top 25, though in no particular order.  I’ve added what popped into my mind for each as well.

1.  Allied Counter-Terrorist Consortium (Western nations working together)

2.  Allied Defense Council (A secret pact of US, Israel, and United Kingdom)

3.  Allied Infiltration Bureau (A multi-national spy agency for hire)

4.  Axis Iron Cabal (Neo Nazi group with magic and rituals)

5.  Capitalist Surveillance Initiative (Private Corporate Security amongst the largest, most powerful corporations)

6.  Communist Tide Ministry (Funded by China to spread Communisim)

7.  Executive Action Force (A mercenary band for hire to complete illegal types of missions)

8.  Fatherland Affairs Ministry (A national secret service of some third world nation)

9.  Global Black Ministry (Dark sorceries and cult)

10. Global Defense Agency (Secret United Nations Special Forces agency)

11. Global Protection Agency (See above.  I like both names)

12. Homeland Infiltration Agency (American government spying on its own citizens)

13. World Affairs Foundation (Super wealthy elitists who control the day to day world events)

14. International Security Consortium (International secret agency created to protect earth from alien invasion)

15. The Surveillance Initiative (Ex spy group for hire)

16. Joint Terrorist Taskforce (Funded by Jihadists, this group trains the worst terrorists to bring about the maximum damage and fear)

17. Liberation Investigation Bureau (Private agency promoting democracy and capitalism around the world)

18. Motherland Affairs Ministry (A nationalist organization)

19. Mystic Black Initiative (A collection of the darkest practitioners of magic and their quest for power)

20. Mystic Protection Consortium (Mystic mercenary group)

21. Mystic Research Foundation (Uses mediums and psychics to explore and research for their clients)

22. The Shadow Ministry (Come on!  This is just the coolest of all the names.  Gotta have a Shadow Ministry.)

23. The Iron Ministry (Military group)

24. The Operations Directive (Spy agency for hire)

25. The Protection Executives (The best of corporate security for hire)

What’s so cool about this list is that the names really bring ideas to mind.  So go generate a few of your own, or borrow from this list.  How would you stat the new agency out?  Share with us!

Stephen, you are now raised to the status of Senior Agent Zero Two (SOZ2). If you are wondering, the status levels to be given are Agents, Senior Agents, Controller, Director, Regional Director, and District Director.  These are official titles bestowed upon those who share their thoughts, characters, agencies, after-action reports, or anything else with us that is deemed worthy of recognition.  The better, or the more, you participate the higher rank you may be bestowed!  For those who attain the higher ranks, special rewards and recognition will be given.

So far we have two folks given official ranks in our Oblivion Command structure, OZ1 and SOZ2.  Help us grow the Oblivion campaign, and send me stuff to MisterE@Oblivioncentral.com

Till next time,

Pick your weapon, and prepare to fire.














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