Prose and Cons

Hello all! Today, I’m using the combined might of some of my various technological acquisitions to write this RWR. For starters, I’m typing this on an Apple Wireless keyboard connected to my iPad2 tethered to my 60″ television. This set up is pretty sweet. The only thing which might improve it is if I added an AppleTV thingie for a total wireless setup. As it is, however, I cannot complain. I’ve got a small throw pillow resting in my crossed leg with the keyboard atop that. If I were to draft something of any great length, this would not necessarily be the ideal setup. For this little experiment, it seems to work just fine. In the background, I have some Brian Eno piping through via Spotify, and when I call it a day in a bit, I’ll resume my adventures in Red Dead Redemption. I know most of you are digging Skyrim and it is bueno awesome, but I beat the main storyline while I was largely sick, so my memories of slaying dragons are largely tied up in fever dreams. Will I revisit Skyrim? Most definitely and sooner rather than later. Just talking about it makes me want to go level up my Redguard barbarian chick or, at the very least, start up a brand new character.

I’m not writing to talk about what I’ve accrued, but rather how prevalent technology is in my every day writing life. I remember always wanting to be a writer, even as a kid, and how I’d often carry around a notebook to jot thoughts and ideas in. I remember teaching myself to type on my father’s manual typewriter (the one he used to fake himself into a job when he got out of the Navy). I
remember making mistakes was a huge obstacle, a massive barrier between my thoughts and my deeds. The words needed to come out right and when a mistake was made, be it a comma splice or a simple typo, I often got derailed. Then along came computers and word processors and all these other things enabling us (when everything is working just so) to work not only faster and more efficiently, but, more importantly, with less of a separation between what we have within us and what we can offer the world beyond ourselves, our simple souvenirs gathered from beyond the fields we know.

As I return once more to regular writing (yippee) and reading of our upcoming works, my thoughts also turn to the upcoming convention cycle, and I begin to wonder where I’ll be. For certain, I’ll be appearing at Genghis Con, and have already begun to plan my Ravaged Earth adventure. Taking a final spin through it before it goes to layout has my mind brimming with ideas, and I can’t wait to game west of the Mississippi!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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