Missive #14: Creating an Oblivion Cell

   Oblivion is made up of many cells distributed worldwide, each operating independently of the others and reporting directly to their assigned regional Controller. This structure is a precautionary measure designed to prevent infiltration and limit the risks of exposure and loss of intelligence in the event any cell is corrupted.

Each cell generally consists of a Senior Agent along with three to eight additional agents and support staff. Each cell is given a safe house as a base of operations that is their responsibility to manage and maintain.

When agents have completed their training they may be assigned to replace a member of an existing cell, or they may be required to begin a new cell under the direction of a Senior Agent. The Senior Agent is the ranking officer of each cell and reports directly to the Regional Directors or to the Controllers of the Regional Directors.  The Senior Agent is responsible for requisitions, communications, and all field operations as required.  Should a Senior Agent be killed or incapacitated, the next ranking officer will contact the Regional Director for continuation of the cell.

So how does a Director use the Cell formation in his/her home game?  I recommend beginning with the Regional Controller for the Cell.  This is usually a very experienced Agent, but it does not have to be.  It can be anyone in the Oblivion organization that the Regional Director chooses to use.  Most Controllers run three to five separate cells in their networks, though the cells are usually independent of each other, and rarely even know of the others existence.

Missions come from either within the cell or are assigned by the Controller.  This means the Senior Agent may set an agenda and create missions for his/her team such as “Something is killing homeless people in Chicago.  We are going to investigate.”  However, the Controller usually assigns the missions to the cell team

As a Director, I’d recommend you create a cool NPC contact to act as the Controller.  Give them an air of mystery; maybe even come up with a back-story.  The Controller probably has made many enemies in his/her past and the ideas you create about the Controller may lead to many new mission seeds and ideas.

Until next time,

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